Swim Coaching

Swimming is about repetition. Perfecting every stroke of every session. We don’t believe in quick fixes and we can’t promise you unrealistic leaps after a single session.


What we do promise you is simple, yet effective, coaching broken down into actionable advice.


Get ready to become a better swimmer – one stroke at a time.


Becoming a good swimmer is not hard. It’s just about swimming. Becoming a very good swimmer is a whole nother story. While the basics are universal, every swimmer is unique and needs different cues to perfect his or her stroke.


We believe in improving your swimming by leveraging three ingredients: speed, volume, and most importantly; technique – individualized to your particular stroke.


As a beginner, one of the most important aspects of swimming is being able to swim with a relaxed stroke. Funny thing is, the same holds true for elite swimmers.


If we’re tense, we’ll use unnecessary energy that could be used elsewhere – to swim faster, for example. With drills and techniques focused on breathing and body positioning, we’ll help you find your most relaxed and comfortable stroke ever – allowing you to put in energy where it matters.


Being able to swim faster while using less energy will help you achieve your next goal. But becoming a great swimmer doesn’t happen overnight. It requires many hours in the water with the right kind of training.


During a session, we’ll give you tips and cues to improve your stroke. Most importantly – we’ll be equipping you with tools and drills to further improve on your own.

About Alexander

Alexander has multiple swim race podium places, regularly finishes triathlon swims first, and is the current Ironman Kalmar Swim Record holder.


With his great knowledge in technique, swim philosophy and race specific training Alexander has helped athletes of all levels improve their swimming. His philosophy is based around repetition in training – perfecting every stroke in the bulk of his sessions mixing it up with hard sessions challenging the aerobic and anaerobic engine.

Book a coaching session

Book a private session with Alexander, a Focus Group session with your friends, or a session tailored to your group, company or team.

Private session

A one hour swim session in Borås or Göteborg, focusing on your areas of needed improvement.

1450 kr

Private session – couple

A one hour swim session for two people focused on your individual needs.

Done in Borås or Göteborg.

1750 kr

Mini group session

Swim coaching for a small group of three people. One hour focused on your needs.

Done in Borås or Göteborg.

2050 kr

Group session

Can be done as a single session, or as multiple sessions tailored to your needs.

Minimum 6 people per session.

350 kr / per person

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